Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Does It Mean to Be Libertarian?

Melba MP's Platform for State Assembly

1) Establish, as Assemblywoman, a relationship between District 18, the city of Milwaukee, and Madison. -A connection should exist between every citizen to their alderman, their county supervisor, their assembly rep., state senator, all the way to the Governor. 2) REFORM MPS from top to bottom! -In addition to numerous reforms I envision, one would include creating an advanced tracking system to allow exceptional students the ability to graduate at 16. Another would include the creation of well-rounded and creative boarding schools for students at risk due to family issues, gang or neighborhood violence, poverty, etc... 3) Seek funding for bus shelters, garbage cans and recycling containers throughout the city, public or private. 4) Pay citizens, by ward, to clean the streets on a monthly basis. 5) Convert all blighted and distressed areas into something useful. -For example, a parking lot, garden, etc... 6) Create a 10 person panel in the district to create, retain and support job creation -This panel would include residents, aldermen, county supervisors, myself and our state senator. 7) Hold ALL negligent landlords and property managers accountable for crime and blight related to their properties. 8) Create a panel of ALL inner city districts - Together, we can combat crime and poverty, create and share solutions to make the entire central city stronger, safer and more prosperous 9) Create public/private employment opportunities in District 18 -For example, the location of this district could be used to serve commuters from the north, south and west with services from residents. 10) Combat infant mortality by providing access to Midwives and Doulas -The children are our future, and healthy babies and moms are crucial 11) Encourage the district, and the city of Milwaukee at large, to work with our Chicago neighbors on our economies, city and develop a working future together. 12) Work with leaders in Madison and the Dept. of Transportation on Amtrak expansion and to bring Metra to Milwaukee. 13) FULLY REPEAL THE SMOKING BAN IN BARS 14) Reform WI's OWI/DUI statutes to punish dangerous criminals, not to harass citizens 15) DECRIMINALIZE MARIJUANA -If elected, I would propose a bill similar to Reps. Ron Paul and Barney Frank legislation that would allow the state of Wisconsin to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana